Why Trust LakeState

Embark on a seamless journey to precision and reliability by using LakeState Calibrations for all your ADAS calibration needs. As a dedicated calibration center, we bring a host of advantages to body shop owners, ensuring your vehicles receive the highest level of expertise and service. Discover how choosing LakeState Calibrations can elevate your business:


Our reports provide a complete understanding of ADAS current conditions. These reports include ADAS on a vehicle, all Diagnostic Trouble Codes, and any pre-existing conditions.


All Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) are cleared at the beginning of a vehicle’s calibration. If a code is unable to be cleared while in our facility, we work as your partner to correct any vehicle ADAS issues.


Verifying wheel alignment before completing calibration is necessary and is included with each of our calibrations. If wheel alignment is needed, we are ready and equipped to perform this service in house.


We utilize the most up-to-date hardware and software to complete ADAS calibrations. All calibrations are performed in a controlled, lab environment and a detailed report is provided upon completion.


A complete report is proved through our Cloud-Based Portal that includes photo documentation of calibration phases, current calibration procedure and the Electronic Alignment Verification Report.


Some situations require that an ADAS module is replaced entirely. When this is the case, we have the ability to replace and reprogram these modules in accordance with manufacturer specifications.


A post calibration scan allows us to verify that all ADAS modules are fully operational. This is the last step to ensuring that a calibration has been completed successfully and a vehicle is safe to return to the road.


We partner with Test Drive CoPilot to perform all encompassing test drives that fully validate a vehicle’s performance. A full report is provided to you via electronic file after completion.


We offer our customers simplicity and convenience through electronic scheduling via our website, electronic updates, and instant invoicing and documentation.